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Goat Yoga

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Why not? Humans have lived in harmony with animals for 10,000 years.  Goats are said to be the first domesticated animals and form a strong bond to human interaction making them the perfect yoga partener.  Love, affections and attention feed their souls, just like ours. When these needs are met, a goat is free to be truly happy, just being with them invites you into their sense of peaceful grounding.

Their energy combined with human energy created while performing yoga creates a magical synergy of bliss, happiness, joy and any other synonyms you can think of that creates a "feeling or state of well-being and contentment". It's also beneficial to your mind by allowing you time to step outside of your daily life and into a place filled with laughter. 

Try not to giggle while a baby goat is nibbling on your ear lobe while you are stretching into your downward dog. It's ok, you don't have to get the pose right or even stay with it, this little love bug chose to give you some attention, feel free to return the favor (but please don't nibble on it's ear). Laughter is the best medicine, so why not laugh out loud and nourish your soul with a little goat love.

Classes are:

  • All classes are prebooked private events.  Get your group and have some fun.  Its always easier to relax and have fun with your people and not strangers.  We will not mix classes unless there are two smaller groups that have agreed to do so priror to the event. 
  • Class size is a minimum of 10 people. (Waiver required for each).
  • Minimum age of 12 but special events can be booked for yonger kids by request.
  • Sessions are $35 / person and can be scheduled above.


  • Parking
  • Restroom/Changing room
  • Yoga Mats (we prefer you use ours)

What else should I know?

  • Yoga mats will be provided for you, please do not bring your own yoga mat.
  • Class size is 10 - 30.
  • 45 minutes of Yoga instruction with a professional instructor.
  • There a short farm tour after class can be added for those interested in life at The Goat Farm and to meet the rest of the family. 
  • Children should be 12 years of age or older to participate.
  • You will have extra time after class for cute pictures in case you miss the oportunity durring class.  Just relax and enjoy the experience. 
  • Selfies during class are encouraged!  Don't worry, you won't get in trouble for not paying attention to the teacher.  We'd love to see it too, so please tag "The Goat Yard" in all your social media excitment here. #thegoatyard #idahogoatyoga #208goatmom is now also a hashtag.
  • Don't wear something you would be upset with being stained or dirty.  Goats are still animals, while we do our best to keep them clean, they have a way to do what they want.  THEY WILL ALSO POOP whereever they want,  I havne't figured out goat potty training yet!  Dress comfortably, bring a layer or two, the IDAHO weather is unpredictable and even if the class is in the barn, we cannot be assured it will be warm. 
  • Please be aware goats will eat anything,  that means you hair,  your jewlery, your shirt,  your cute new goat tote,  they do what they want.  
  • **Please note that refunds are not available for "no shows" or cancellations. NO CANCELLATIONS DUE TO WEATHER.   Idaho weather is unperdictable but we will do our best to make you comfortable,  check the forcast before you book to make sure you will be confortable with the predicted conditions.  Please check your schedule well before scheduling your visit. We do not like having to make this policy, but after so many "no shows" and strict rules from our payment system, we are trying to find the best path.   A lot of effort goes into preparing for your visit and a visit is very difficult to rebook once it has been cancelled. Thank you for understanding. 

Goat Yoga will be offered starting in April and go through October depending on the fall weather.   Choose below to make a reservation for the next available session.

Can’t find the right date or time to fit your need or need help schduleing a private party?   Have more questions?  Email us: or message on FB @thegoatyard